Sunday, May 8, 2011

Some Beauty from Christian Dior

1. from the film "Dune trilogy" - twins
2,3 Dior models

net photos of a Dior fashion show .. this is what a woman should look like.
Say No to petulant-anorexic teen models !

Robert Bateman: wilderness painter

Discovered this amazing hyper-realist painter, who paints wild animals and landscapes. In the US, Africa and elsewhere.

New Caledonia March2011

(photos 2 and 4 from the net)

Went with the army, had a great time discovering this island of frenchness and tribal culture right next to Aus. Did a lot of interpreting French/English. I do love the tropics - you get into a different body/mind state there...
cocktails by the beach, coral, warm water....

see more , and a short video of French Paratroopers singing (very masculine and pleasant on the ear):

Sydney photos

I'm doing a photo essay of Sydney, Here are a few of the best so far.

A city where the wild ocean comes right into the CBD at circular quay. With huge Ocean liners docking there. And people from all over the world admiring the harbour and the bridge.

I enjoy catching ferries, rollerblading , swimming in the wild beaches with rock pools and surf, minutes away from suburbs or the CBD.

Noosa photos


(click on a photo for a larger image).
Some Noosa photos I took. From the last few trips, and latest the road trip.

Sunsets !!
Surfers !
lotsa space, Jungles
tropical warm water, Pandanas
walking around in shorts at night
fruit bat smells

this is Queensland..
Still got a pioneering feel to it, with Brisbane still expanding.

Noosa, Sunshine coast, Queensland , Australia

December 2010 Road Trip

1. Blue mountains mist
2. Free hugs van
3. Blackheath , Blue mnts
4-7. Newell Highway scenes
8. Warrumbugles Nat park . volcanic plugs. And the Anglo-Australian observatory

Took another road trip up the isolated newell highway up to Noosa and back - just avoided the massive flooding on the way back.

Some great views . You start to feel the heart of this huge continent when you venture inland, away from the populated coasts. Utes, cowboys, awesome starry nights, flat landscapes that make you feel you are in Africa.

Youtube videos of myself in the van, with Savannah all around: